who i am  keynote speaker.facilitator.  leader of leaders. 


who i am  keynote speaker.facilitator.  leader of leaders. 

Jonathan speaking to a packed crowd at Fulfillament #3 in Traverse City, MI

Jonathan speaking to a packed crowd at Fulfillament #3 in Traverse City, MI


In our busy age we typically only learn about what people do, not who they are. The best way to get to know someone is through their story.  

In September of 2015, I had the opportunity to share my story at Fulfillament #3 in Traverse City, MI.


A Master Facilitator

I am one of only a handful of Paterson LifePlan™ facilitators in the world certified at the Master Level.  Since 2010 I have been retained by Otterbox™ to guide their leaders through the LifePlan™ process. I've helped hundreds of individuals create a crystal clear strategy to proactively chart their pathway in life.  For my entire vocational career I have facilitated process that leads to breakthrough thinking.

A Strategist

My mind lives in the realm of keen observation, insightful questioning, and creative possibilities.  I naturally provide the framework for leaders to uncover truth, see possibilities and chart their pathway.

A Forensic Engineer

I am a licensed professional engineer by training and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame's mechanical engineering program.

For over 15 years I ran a successful consulting practice as an "engineer of last resort", called in to solve the unsolvable problems in large commercial buildings.  It is common that my clients today tell me that I've just performed forensic engineering on their life or business.

A Story Teller

My love for adventure coupled with my past life experiences lend to a great story. I was honored to share my story with other life adventurers at The Fulfillament Story Telling Event that featured local entrepreneurs who shared their story to fulfillment through vocation.  

A Transformational Guide

I am an authority on the slow death that occurs when one is misaligned with their true self and as a result I lived for years with limiting chronic pain.  Clarity helped me see the truth of my story and gave me the courage to do the work to transform to freedom from pain and a world of possibilities.  I am living proof of the physical manifestation of emotional pain.  My journey and my story shape who I am.  Today I use my story and energy to help others unleash their potential.

A Teacher

I have spent time as Professor of Idea and Opportunity for Free Agent Academy in Woodland Park, CO, taught a class at Northwestern Michigan College, and currently help train the next generation of LifePlan™ Facilitators at the Paterson Center. I also draw from my competition background and national championship in Observed Trials and teach mountain bike skills clinics for fun.

A Risk-Taker and Adventurer

I love adventure, and it is even better when it has an element of risk!  I'm known for turning the ordinary into adventure at every opportunity.


I've had the honor of speaking at a number of notable gatherings in the Northern Michigan area, including the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce Leadership at the Movies and Maximum Impact. 


How I got here

How I got here


We all start out as Mavericks - with our own style and way of creating, our own thoughts of shaping our world. Somewhere along the way we lose it.

I lost my Maverick somewhere between junior and senior high school. I started to listen to the noise and follow the conventional path. My strong creative streak, entrepreneurial spirit, and thirst for big adventure in life began to fade.

A love of hands-on creativity and proficiency in math and science led to an engineering degree and work as a consulting engineer. Limiting physical pain shut me down and radically changed my life three years into my career.  My physical condition, frustration and rebellion led me away from employeedom and to self-employment.  

For many years my pain limited me - physically, emotionally, relationally. Proficiency, familiarity, and stoicism kept me on the same path. I listened to the noise and became dulled by it. However I had a sense that something needed to change - I had no idea of how big that something was.


A sabbatical from work in 2008 opened space for serious reflection, and some deep personal work on my part. It was a walk into the truth of my story, a re-connection with who I was, and a re-direction in my life. Participation in a LifePlan™ during this time gave me the clarity and confidence to move in a new vocational direction. Experience with Dan Allender's Wounded Heart material allowed me to re-connect with my heart, my emotions, and my adventurous self.

Over the course of two years of hard work I stopped listening to the noise and started listening to my heart.

I left my pain behind

I gained a new life

I chose a new vocation that fits my calling


My personal experience with LifePlan™ led me to become certified in the Paterson Process. Tom Paterson's genius mind, methodology for strategic process, and focus on perspective and clarity of purpose is something I can get behind. There is no other strategic process as significant or as effective as Tom's.

Dan Allender's profound work on the importance of narrative for healing and growth is why I am free from pain today. The effect of trauma on any level impacts how one interacts with themselves and others. It can go unrecognized for years and wield unrecognized power. My personal experience with the Allender Process is what led me to become certified.

Both processes have a common thread of the importance of story and narrative for clarity, truth, and growth. As a Leadership Strategist I have the opportunity to draw from the methodology of Tom and Dan's processes and bring possibilities to others they may never have thought of before.  

I unleash potential and bring leaders to LIFE!


Where you will find me

Where you will find me

In Traverse City, Michigan

Guiding and impacting others in profound ways.

In Fort Collins, Colorado

Guiding Otterbox™ leaders through the LifePlan™ process.

Out of the cubicle and in my mobile office

Where the View from the Office™ is pretty good!


Seeking Adventure and Challenge.

With my family

Ignoring the noise and marching to our own drummer.