I am the professor of Idea and Opportunity at the Free Agent Academy.  Every day I help people discover what they are innately good at, and then help them generate and refine ideas that really fit who they are and match their desire for free agency.

FAA is an organization committed to helping those who are, or desire to be - Free Agents.  It capitalizes on the wisdom of a community of like minded individuals committed to the same goal.  FAA was founded in 2009 by Kevin Miller to fill a giant need for a resource to help individuals successfully launch their own businesses.  It has grown leaps and bounds in a short time and Kevin was recently featured on the Ziglar Success 2.0 show with Tom and Zig.

As Idea professor I teach regularly online and attend most of the multi-day intensive events that are held in Woodland Park, Colorado. As a member, I tap into the expertise of the other professors and members in the areas of sales, branding, and technology to name a few.

In my opinion there is no better resource if you desire to start or grow your own business.