What Others Say


What Others Say

These are some of my clients.

All with potential, and the desire to unleash it.

All with the courage to step into their story and gain clarity and truth.

All with a desire to understand their unique gifts and talents.

All with the foresight to get the tools that will chart their pathway in life.

"We all have a story. Every story is on a journey. And every journey, at some point, needs a map, an advisor and perhaps a guide. Those rare individuals, like Jonathan, possess a natural talent to see opportunity way before most of us see it.   I can't think of a better map maker and guide than Jonathan Pool. He possesses the rare combination of insightful question asking, inquisitive listening, strategic thinking, and a heart to help individuals and organizations discover and live their purpose. If you need a map and guide, connect with Jonathan. You won't be disappointed."

Pete Richardson | Senior Facilitator - The Paterson Process

"Jonathan is an intense, life-obsessed, I'm gonna cheer you on to your best life kind of guy. I love his energy, compassion, and his restlessness not to live a mediocre life. If you spend any time with him your life will be better for it."

Dan Webster | Founder - Authentic Leadership, Inc.